NJM Graduate Spotlight – Neema Swamy
07 Jun, 2023

NJM Graduate Spotlight – Neema Swamy

In the next edition of our series, Graduate Spotlight, we speak to our highly talented ESD Graduate, Neemy Swamy! Originally from India, Neema joined the NJM Design ESD team in early 2022, and the rest is history. She speaks about her experience so far, its challenges, and what life is like outside of the office.

Picture of ESD Graduate, Neema Swamy

What did you study at University and why did you choose it?

I recently completed my Masters in Sustainable Practice at RMIT University. Upon completing my Bachelor’s in Architecture, I wanted to explore more than just architectural design learn more about environmental response. My Master’s degree broadened my idea about sustainability and provided numerous options for my career path.


Why did you choose to become an ESD Graduate?

ESD in particularly in the construction industry is the closest I could relate with architecture, to understand and analyse how a building design affects the surrounding environment. Although I was aware of the basic reasoning behind sustainability, I was keen to further understand its practical implementation and improvements.


What have you enjoyed most about your time at NJM Graduate Experience so far?

Apart from being able to tackle new challenges at my work, I really do enjoy the additional activities that are organized. Moreover, the company has provided a comfortable environment where everyone is friendly and approachable which helps me to be motivated and build healthy relationships with my co-workers.

The NJM Team celebrating the Chinese New Year at our Melbourne Office.
The NJM Team celebrating the Chinese New Year at our Melbourne Office.

What has been your biggest learning since you started?

I joined as an intern unaware what I had stepped into in terms of my responsibilities. I have started learning from scratch and I am very happy as to where I stand today. I have been able to come out of my comfort zone and find my strengths and weaknesses through different projects.


Highlight of your Graduate Experience so far?

Over my time here, I have had the opportunity to take up different responsibilities and challenges. NJM has been supportive towards exploring my interests and improving my strengths. I have been able to learn different aspects in ESD both from my team and the other disciplines.

I do enjoy working on Sustainable Management Plans (SMP) and Sustainable Design Assessments (SDA) as I get to learn new approaches for assessments through different projects.


What’s life like for Neema outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy doing creative activities which keeps me occupied. I do like to doodle using anything available around me as a canvas. Apart from that, I enjoy dancing quite a lot. It helps me concentrate and express myself effortlessly.

Another hobby I have lately been enjoying is going to the gym, exploring my limits and meeting some amazing people. It helps me feel relaxed and refreshed after a long day of work.



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